Asparagus Nightstand

A couple of years ago while visiting Seattle from Houston for the Holidays, I met with an old boyfriend.  Catching up over some (ok a lot) of whiskey at a Tacoma bar, we discussed where we currently were in our lives and where we planned to be in the future.

He said something that really stuck with me.  He told me that he knew many very impressive women who had bright futures that instead had married and become stay at home moms, and that success to them had now become finding an old piece of furniture for their husbands to pick up from craigslist, so they could “refurbish” it. I remember thinking “oh shit,  I love painting old furniture!”  Since that day, every time I come across a piece of unique furniture in need of some TLC, I resist.

He always gets tricked into ending up on an unwanted adventure when we go for a quick errand…
My little brother Bryce.  He always gets tricked into coming on an unwanted adventure.

Well screw that.  I found a good looking nightstand and had my little brother carry it from the Goodwill by my parents place and into my car.  Today I sanded and painted that beast.  Unfortunately, I ran out of paint and it is looking pretty horrendous so far.

Some pictures along the way.
Some pictures along the way.

Will keep you posted on the progress, as I ran out of paint!

I just made a fresh coffee press, as I write this.  There is something so magical about listening to a favorite Pandora and having coffee in the middle of the day while a cat snuggles on your lap.  I am really enjoying it today.

Oliver is a 15+ year old cat who lives in the house I rent from. 


Wish me luck on finding the same paint again… or this is going to be one ugly piece of furniture!

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