Buckley Log Show


Buckley, a little town nestled in the woods in the beautiful Washington state is where I spent most my adolescence.  As most teenagers despise where they grew up (I couldn’t wait to leave when I was in my teens), Now that I’m older, I actually really enjoy going back to visit mine.  My parents still live in Buckley so I get the opportunity to travel through frequently.


The last weekend of June every year, the city of Buckley has an event called the “Buckley Log Show.”  When I was younger I would make fun of this event because I found it embarrassing that the only event that ever happened in our small town, was centered around logs.  Now that I have traveled in various places around the world, I look back at this event and find is absolutely fascinating!

The below video is of the city right next to Buckley, Enumclaw.  It gives you a good idea of what my hometown is like.

This one is pretty cute as well. my favorite is the ending comment

How many competitions can you you think of that can revolve around a piece of an old tree?  There are 21… yes 21 events involving a log! Everything from Ax Throws to Ma & Pa Bucking, they do it all the Buckley Log Show!

a small cluster of tree trucks ( there must be a real name for these?! )
a small cluster of tree trucks ( there must be a real name for these?! )


Was SO thrilled that the scone truck was there, the only time I like scones!  The beer garden is also pretty cool.  Only $2 for a beer!  As you can see suspenders are in fashion, not only at this event but year round for Bucklians.

I didn’t get too many pictures of the events as the beer garden can be very distracting, my camera holding hand was occupied…

If you look closely you will realize there are men at the top of these logs.  It’s pretty dang impressive, the race starts at the bottom and the men climb the log with a hug saw attached to their hip, once they get to the top they use the saw to cut thru the wood up top.  You thought the last minute of a football game was intense—this is edge of your seat entertainment!

Always run into some old friends in the beer garden.
Always run into some old friends in the beer garden.  I don’t usually drink water, sorry I mean budlight but there is a time and place for every beer!
Some of my beautiful family!
Some of my beautiful family!

Next year I vow to drink less beer and take more pictures 😉 !

One thought on “Buckley Log Show

  1. Looking at these pictures reminds me of one of THE BEST books I have ever read..”The Boys in the Boat” about the rowing team from the University of Washington that went to Hitler’s olympics in Berlin…just a driven bunch of hungry, poor, but strong boys from the great NorthWest. 💜


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