June Favorites & Unfavorites

I love trying new products, but I also hate wasting money on products that don’t live up to their promises.  As a result of falling for clever advertisements made for miracle products that guarantee to give you amazing results, I have a cupboard full of bottle after bottle filled with useless goop that left me disappointed.

One late (probably drunk, let’s be honest) night while wandering through the internet and ending up in a weird part of cyberspace I found myself on “beauty blogs”.  I have a guilty addiction to beauty blogs, as I find them very informative and useful.  I also have a sick addiction to YouTube and a handful of beauty gurus.

When I find a product that works beyond my expectations I want to contact all my girlfriends that they HAVE TO try my product find.  Instead of harassing all of my friends I will just throw my monthly favorites that I feel I can’t live without

June Beauty Favorites
June Beauty Favorites

(From top left )

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo-  I am addicted to dry shampoo.  My favorite hair day use to be shampoo day, but with this product my best hair day is “refresh day”.  Not only does this freshen my hair up and add volume but the vibrant & red version is a great product to cover my roots in between touch ups.  This is hard to find, so I always stock up when I find it.

2. Loreal Total Repair EXTREME- I was skeptical when I purchased this product because I have never been a fan of Loreal hair products.  The product was on sale and I had a coupon so I gave it a try.  I have actually repurchased this item because I love it so much!  Usually after shampooing my hair will feel like wet wool and all tangled into itself, with this shampoo it gives the same silky feeling you get from a good conditioner.  The conditioner is like conditioner on crack.

3. iT Cosmetics- Bye-Bye Under Eye- I have tried so many different undereye concealers, and never gotten the look I wanted.  I have very fair skin so finding a color light enough to match my skin and also cover my massive undereye circles is impossible, until I found this beaut! While playing around at Ulta I tried this out on my hand and couldn’t believe how easily it camouflaged my freckles.  It’s more than I would usually pay but it is an amazing product and just a dab will do… Pricey, but worth it!

4. The Colossal Volum Express-  I have an unhealthy obsession with this mascara.  I usually use high end mascaras because mascara is my #1 have to have product.  I bought this for basically a $1 when on sale and with a coupon ( much better than $28 for a high end product as Sephora )  I love the curved brush and I love that with just one swoop my lashes are fully coated and curled. Highly recommend this product.

5. Baby Lip Gloss- This has been my go-to lip gloss all month.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the Baby Lips chapsticks, they only lasted for about 12 second before getting waxy and disappearing and leaving your lips dryer.  Although the gloss is really juicy, smells good and lasts for an hour or longer.

6. Bosica Beauty Oil- It seems like oil has become the new hip thing, but the idea of rubbing oil on my face seemed bonkers.  After telling the Sephora employee about my constant dry skin, this was her recommendation.  I am a Sephora pushover and usually end up with whatever the peppy Sephora girl recommends, but this time she was right.  I have never had a product that kept my SUPER dry face moisturized all day.

7. Coconut Oil- I was a biosilk fan until I grabbed this at Marshalls on an unexpectedly humid day and was pleasantly surprised.  Throughout the years I have tried many hair serums to tame my frizz and this is my favorite one, especially at the low price.  The scent is also delicious and not too overpowering.

8. Dove Go Fresh Deodorant-  They make spray on deodorant, did you know?!  All these years I have been under a rock I guess, because this was my first experience with spray on deodorant.  I constantly am changing deodorant brands because my body has super powers for breaking the code of preventing body odor within a month, is that just me too?  Have I been living under a rock where spray deodorant doesn’t exist and I stink every month?  Am I ranting?  Any ways, this feels like unicorn whispers when you spray it and it smells, so fresh!

9. Milani Luminoso Blush- This is a perfect dupe for Benefit Coralista which is $28.  Milani is a very affordable brand you can find at drug stores, for $5.99!  The product is long lasting and has just enough shimmer to light up my pale skin without looking like I just got done running a marathon like most shades of blush.

What are some of your favorite products?

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