Where would you go?

My mother has terminal cancer.

This has been the most difficult year of my life.  Dealing with the idea of losing my best friend and mother is the worst thing I could imagine.

This is mom and I a couple years back in Hawaii, we had a beautiful trip.
  This is mom and I a couple years back in Hawaii, we had a beautiful trip.

Watching the most giving person have to go through such a difficult sickness has been so frustrating, especially when there is nothing you can go.  My mom is such a fighter and has continued to impress me with her continuous strength and courage to battle cancer.  She is a true fighter filled with strength. I admire her and am so proud and lucky to call her my mother.

I could talk about that but instead I am trying to stay positive, as that is what my mother wishes.

SOOOOO, if you knew you had a limited amount of time, where would you want to go?  What would you want to do?  What experiences would you want to have?

My mom wants to experience some adrenaline rushes and spend as much time with her family as possible.  We have been squeezing in as many fun experiences as possible.  The one thing my mom really wanted to do was spend a weekend on the Oregon coast with our crazy family.We were lucky to gather everyone except my oldest brother, and had a really great time in Newport.

It took three cars to get everyone there!

It took three cars to get everyone there!

Did I mention I got a kitten?!  His name is Wallace and it turns out he doesn’t mind driving in the car one bit!

Although my two other passengers got restless really quick, as we got stuck in traffic A LOT.  The entire drive from Seattle down to Newport took EIGHT hours.

aug BEACH3

After a late arrival we found a hole in the wall bar (my favorite) a brief walk away from the  hotel.


 I won some money on Oregon Lottery slot machine and we got some hot food before heading back to hotel for…



The next morning we were off to hit the dunes (mom’s choice, that wild woman).  Unfortunately we had an unexpected two hour wait. 6

This is my sweet mother and father, pretty cute huh?

aug BEACH4

Making best of the unexpected time, Phil and I went to go visit the city of Florence.  We had stayed the night here during our HWY 101 trip a couple months back.  We went for coffee but I ended up shopping and then found him sitting outside enjoying a beer, go figure!  Thes rest of the fam played some miniature golf.


The whole crazy group

7 8

FINALLY!  Strapped in and ready to roll 🙂


Off we go


Buggy #1


Buggy #2


I had no idea how beautiful and SCARY the dunes would be!  You can’t tell in the pictures but it literally feels like you are about to fall off the edge of the earth on some of the hills.


Cancer most certainly didn’t stop my mom from enjoying the dunes in the front seat ❤

The next day mom wanted to go sit on the beach and enjoy the ocean as she loves being near water.  So we tried to find a beach that wasn’t to difficult of a walk down to the water, which was more of a struggle than you would think.


We stopped at many beaches that had very steep inclines, that mom insisted she would be fine at, but we all worry and wanted to be sure we found a safe option… I’m sure this was very irritating for mom.


Success 🙂


Did I mention we brought Wallace the kitten to beach? Yup, I was the crazy lady with the kitten on the beach.  To all of our surprise, he loved it!


Took a little nap in my shirt after exploring.


It was a successful trip and I will cherish it as a beautiful memory ❤


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