Whiskey & Wrinkles

I was feeling really gloomy about turning 28.  I had planned to spend the day alone feeling bad for myself, instead I took a good friend’s advice and put together a gathering of close friends, too much food and plenty of whiskey.

88This was the liquor and wine table.  In the drink canister I made a vodka cocktail for my non-whiskey loving friends.


  • A full handle of Tito’s vodka
  • 3 oranges cut into wedges
  • 25 basil leafs (got mine from garden… I have always wanted to say that 😉 )
  • Simple syrup- add as much as you like depending on how sweet you like
  • 2 lemons juiced
  • 1 liter of club soda- same with simple syrup add accordingly

Add all ingredients except for club soda and let sit overnight.  Right before serving add club soda.  Have a big bowl of ice next to cups.


Chances are the hand on the left is my boyfriend sneaking a pre-party drink.


Got this fruit head idea from Pinterest.  How cute is he?  Heads up, you want to put this in fridge before you have to many party drinks and leave it out.  The result will be an entire infestation of of fruit flys.


My friend Sarah was the creative mind behind the artistic face, so clever 🙂


Food table, dinosaur decorations thanks to my friend who Kiyomi who helped so much!




The front porch of my house is pretty epic and a great spot to enjoy a cocktail with friends.


The pictures got a little wild after this and I got more into enjoying my friends than bothering with the camera… so the rest of the pictures are of the aftermath.


Booz table the next morning,


My morning breakfast consisted of leftover BIrthday cake, which I was so surprised to get from a friend, as it was from the fancy Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle.


What they don’t show you on Pinterest…


After clean up I enjoyed having all of the sunflowers around the house.

I am so glad that I didn’t sit and feel sorry for myself for having more grey hairs than ever and my metabolism starting to slow down.  I have some really hard situations going on in my life right now that it was so refreshing to be surrounded by so many people I love and all the whiskey helped.

Have a great day 🙂


Thrifting Treasures

I can easily lose hours in a thrift store.  I prefer to attend garage sales and estate sales, but since those are only available on weekends, thrifting at local used stores is a good replacement.

On this trip I was on a mission to find a new (used) french press and a basket for cat toys.  There are usually multiple french presses, but I wasn’t that lucky this day.  Although I did find a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I needed that of course I purchased!

I tend to lean towards the bizarre things in life.  That definitely includes my taste in decorating and clothing.  I have always liked items that hold a story or look out of the ordinary.  Although I also really like quality items, which can be found for affordable prices while thrifting.


You never know what unique art pieces you’ll find!


Pretty excited to find this brand new leather adidas jacket for $8!


I use to be a vintage camera collector, as I have a love for photography and think they are beautiful to put on display.  Unfortunately my large collection which I had been acquiring since I was 14, was completely ruined.  An ex from Texas (sounds like country song right?!) decided when we broke up to take a hammer to each lense, making the cameras completely unusable.  This was a beaut but I resisted the temptation.


I love bizarre pieces like this.  I use to buy anything I found cute or that I was drawn to.  After moving so many times and realizing I hate clutter I now refrain from buying nik-naks… but I really liked this little handcrafted mini cabin.


These were huge wooden cutouts.  I tried to justify buying them, as they were only $4.99 and I would have loved to randomly put them in someones yard.  Alas I resisted in hope that some teenage boy would acquire awesome decorations 😉 !


I am a sucker for this color of kitchenware. 99 cents each.


The overall haul of this trip…

  • Brand new Nike Yoga pants $6.99
  • Lulu Lemon Yoga pants $4.99
  • White shelf to refinish $7.99
  • Globe (collecting to make light fixture) $4.99
  • BRAND NEW Frye Boots $19.99
  • Basket for cat toys $1.99
  • H&M peacock bohemian dress $3.99
  • Two shelves for wall $4.99
  • Squirrel Shaped cat bowl .99 cents
  • Brand New Michael Kors wooden heels
  • New Black Heels $5.99

Before I check out I always go through what I have thrown into my cart and reanalyze my life and realize I have been on a day dreaming shopping high and usually put back half of the stuff, but I always seem to leave with a lot.

I really love everything behind the idea of thrift stores.  The idea of reusing someone else’s discarded item is something I really can support.  I also donate on a regular basis to the local goodwill.

So even if you think thrift stores are smelly and you’d rather just pay full price at a mall store, consider swinging by your local second hand store, you never know what you may find!

Cooking for Therapy

Cooking.  I love cooking.

I love distractions when I am facing personal struggles in life.  Even more so I love taking a negative thought and turning it into something different, something worth using my energy towards.


By no means am I a chef, nor do I consider myself an outstanding cook, but I love taking random ingredients and creating something delicious.  I get a lot of pleasure from making a meal and having someone enjoy it with me.

My heart flutters when I cook for someone and I get to watch their eyes get bigger and say those magic words, “wow, this is sooooo good!”

Here are some pictures I have taken lately while dorking around in the kitchen to take my mind off of current stress.

IMG_7568 IMG_7567

I was pretty proud of this breakfast I put together with random leftovers.  I had roasted butternut squash a couple nights previous and had what seemed to be 1/4 of six vegetables in the fridge.  I also had some extra chorizo from a scramble, and tortillas from steak fajita night.  With their powers combined… wah-lah, I mad what my boyfriend said was something you’d pay $17 for at a hipster restaurant downtown.


Unfortunately my mom is dealing with cancer, her food cravings are constantly up and down, if she has any appetite at all.  I had a itch to bake and thought I’d try making a recipe of her’s that we all loved, and hopefully she would enjoy.  These were a success but unfortunately she didn’t have a sweet tooth.  My little brother and I devoured most of them and delivered some to my grandpa as well.


My mother had been craving corn, so I tried some new recipes to accompany it.  I also made some frozen margaritas from scratch, my mother loves virgin margaritas (of course MINE had tequila 😉 )  Turns out with even six years of bartending experience, but not much experience with a blender, I’m a horrendous frozen margarita maker.

IMG_8358 IMG_8354

I usually skip breakfast, but I love cooking in the morning for others while enjoying my coffee.  I again had a random assortment of ingredients and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I sauted all the veggies with a little bit of sausage meat, laid it over some arugula aside some eggs and it was pretty good.  The watermelon was a pleasant surprise from my roommate who had just offered some after she had finished a watermelon salad.


Ew, what is this gunky goop?!  Cannabis.  I tried to make weed brownies the other day for a friend.  VERY time consuming and will make the entire house smell like Bonnaroo.  Very interesting process though and I accomplished the task… next time I would use less well ya know, “green stuff”.  It’s still wild to me that it is legal to buy marijuana in WA state.

To wrap this up some things I must mention…

I love grilled onions, on everything.

I could eat avocado with salt straight with a spoon, everyday.

Toast with raspberry jam is almost better than se…

I need coffee, everyday.


Garage Sale Brawl!

Another day of early morning coffee and exploring the streets for treasure signs, this day was a bit more interesting than most!  It was a pretty standard day of browsing through strangers discarded items that was interrupted with two women literally in a fight over some gardening items!  No joke. Like a brawl. Like toddlers not getting to have dessert before dinner behavior!

Treasure this way!
Treasure this way!

I was not too impressed with the prices at an Estate Sale, as it was one done by a company thus they know the value of collectible and desirable items which is reflected in their prices.  Instead of finding items for under $5 you’re more likely to see antique shop prices.  Although at the moment I was about to leave a rude woman with her hands full, blocked the door out and I waited awkwardly behind her because she had already ignored my “excuse me “, with a irritated quick glance.  As she bent down to pick up a planter another whipped around and confirmed that the planter was hers and to put it down… then it was armageddon!!!  They argued for over ten minutes like seagulls over the last cracker. Even though I was about to leave, obviously I stayed put and acted like I wasn’t eavs dropping.  I started to take a video, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough space ( this ALWAYS happens to me at the worst time) and I only caught a pinch, but it give you an idea of their bickering.

After that the rest of the day seemed pretty dull.

Here are some neat items I saw but didn’t end up purchasing


This Garage Sale was one of my neighbors, they were very nice!


These were hard to pass up, but the last thing in the world that I need is nik-niks…


I really loved this door, and I am sure there is some sort of a story to it.  Living in the PNW you get to see a lot of beautiful native work, I’m personally a big fan, especially in these colors.




There was Elephant stuff all over the house, I always find it so interesting to get an idea of who a person is thru their past belongings.



This was hard to pass up ;)!

At the end I only spent a couple dollars on some old Playboys and a Beavis magnet for a friend who I call Beavis… that was a pretty epic score at 10 cents !


These were marked pretty expensive but I didn’t mind paying, when I went to pay the guy said he would only charge me $5.  Was he a bit creepy…yes, did I decline… no way jose, a deal is a deal.


Kiyomi with her Beavis figurine.  We have a weird dynamic Kiyomi and I.  We had bartended together and formed a silly friendship.  We call each other Beavis and Butthead.  Cute, right 😉 ?

Thanks for peeking in, hope you enjoyed

Buckley Log Show


Buckley, a little town nestled in the woods in the beautiful Washington state is where I spent most my adolescence.  As most teenagers despise where they grew up (I couldn’t wait to leave when I was in my teens), Now that I’m older, I actually really enjoy going back to visit mine.  My parents still live in Buckley so I get the opportunity to travel through frequently.


The last weekend of June every year, the city of Buckley has an event called the “Buckley Log Show.”  When I was younger I would make fun of this event because I found it embarrassing that the only event that ever happened in our small town, was centered around logs.  Now that I have traveled in various places around the world, I look back at this event and find is absolutely fascinating!

The below video is of the city right next to Buckley, Enumclaw.  It gives you a good idea of what my hometown is like.

This one is pretty cute as well. my favorite is the ending comment

How many competitions can you you think of that can revolve around a piece of an old tree?  There are 21… yes 21 events involving a log! Everything from Ax Throws to Ma & Pa Bucking, they do it all the Buckley Log Show!

a small cluster of tree trucks ( there must be a real name for these?! )
a small cluster of tree trucks ( there must be a real name for these?! )


Was SO thrilled that the scone truck was there, the only time I like scones!  The beer garden is also pretty cool.  Only $2 for a beer!  As you can see suspenders are in fashion, not only at this event but year round for Bucklians.

I didn’t get too many pictures of the events as the beer garden can be very distracting, my camera holding hand was occupied…

If you look closely you will realize there are men at the top of these logs.  It’s pretty dang impressive, the race starts at the bottom and the men climb the log with a hug saw attached to their hip, once they get to the top they use the saw to cut thru the wood up top.  You thought the last minute of a football game was intense—this is edge of your seat entertainment!

Always run into some old friends in the beer garden.
Always run into some old friends in the beer garden.  I don’t usually drink water, sorry I mean budlight but there is a time and place for every beer!
Some of my beautiful family!
Some of my beautiful family!

Next year I vow to drink less beer and take more pictures 😉 !

Cabin Stay On Lake Quinault

Have I mentioned how much I love living in the PNW?  There are so many glorious places to escape to.  Last week I was lucky enough to stay in a friend-of-a-friends cabin on Lake Quinault in the Olympic Forest.

Dreamy Cabin
Dreamy Cabin

My ears always perk up when I hear mention of a cabin, as a cabin would be my dream location to settle down in, so when I overheard that a cabin was available I may have been a bit insistent that we check it out.  I imagined a rickety little shed that would be in somewhat proximity to the lake.

The short walk separating cabin from Lake Quinault.
The short walk separating cabin from Lake Quinault.

I was completely wrong.  After a scenic drive up Hwy 101, was the most delightful surprise pulling into the driveway that positioned us directly in front of Lake Quinault.  The cabin was beyond adorable from the outside, but when I ventured inside my heart melted to the ground with overwhelming perfection in every corner I looked in.  Enough jibber jabber, here are some pictures of my amazing three night stay… there are a lot.

 The inside of the house couldn’t have been decorated better even if I tried, the owner paid attention to detail and was able to incorporate a cozy cabin feel with a new element of whimsical woodland creatures, almost as if Snow White lived there.

Loved the oversized Fox Art
Loved the oversized Fox Art
I had a couple favorite pieces on dinnerware when I was living in Houston that I absolutely adored, they had the FULL SET!  I am so jealous, and it was beautifully displayed on this shelf.
I had a couple favorite pieces on dinnerware when I was living in Houston that I absolutely adored, they had the FULL SET! I am so jealous, and it was beautifully displayed on this shelf.
I stayed in this room.  Had great rest while here.
I stayed in this room. Had great rest while here.
View from out my little room.
View from out my little room.
The other main room.
The other main room.
Cute trinkets
Cute trinkets
Why can't I be this good at perfectly placing nik-naks?!
Why can’t I be this good at perfectly placing nik-naks?!

See what I mean?  I was seriously in love with every nook and cranny.

The lake was beautiful and surrounded by the Olympic Peninsula, supposedly an area of the world that get’s the most rainfall but we didn’t see a drop!


I was lucky to enjoy the lake as well as go on multiple hikes around the area. 25I love “worn” parts of maps, the spot every touches that withers away an otherwise freshly printed map. We did a good portion of these, and they were relatively easy and relaxing as the were primarily flat.

Ferns galore!
Ferns galore!
Poor moth.
Poor moth.
Tree hugger?
Tree hugger?
This fog melted my heart, it was so eerie looking yet inviting.
This fog melted my heart, it was so eerie looking yet inviting.

There were two spots we frequented that were about a five min walk, which was perfect.

Bit pricey, but delicious and overlooking water.
Bit pricey, but delicious and overlooking water.
Mercantile were we went for supplies and breakfast.
Mercantile where we went for supplies and breakfast.

I was pretty impressed with this meal I made on the last night, considering we took advantage of all the restaurants the other two days.   It was a drunken creation that I was told was delicious... but that could have been lies or bourbon talking ;)
I was pretty impressed with this meal I made on the last night, considering we took advantage of all the restaurants the other two days. It was a drunken creation that I was told was delicious… but that could have been lies or bourbon talking 😉

It was such a great trip that it was hard to pack up and head back home.

Lake Quinault Adventures
Lake Quinault Adventures

THANK YOU so much to Carol and Ian for sharing this cabin.

Check Meow-t
Check Meow-t

Until the next adventure…

Oliver the Cat.

The other day I said goodbye to a dear friend, Oliver the cat.

Oliver and his good buddy Phil

Although Oliver was not mine, we spent much of the last year enjoying each other’s company. Everyone believes they have the most unique pet, but Oliver was–at least for me–a truly special little guy.

My landlords adopted Oliver from a shelter in the 90’s, making him at least 17-years-old, but he was still spry–especially when he wanted your attention (or whatever you happened to be eating). Despite his stinky breath and dirty feet and sometimes curmudgeonly attitude, everyone who met Oliver found themselves charmed. He had charisma and confidence. That, and he loved to snuggle.

He had a habit of insisting on being where it was most inconvinient for you.
He had a habit of insisting on being where it was most inconveinient for you.

Oliver stayed close to the house overlooking Alki, so we started to worry when we hadn’t seen him for a couple days.  Those days turned into weeks and those weeks quickly became a month.

While we were realistic enough to know Oliver would probably never be coming back, we still held onto a glimmer of hope.

Oliver and I shared a love of Irish Whiskey ;)
Oliver and I shared a love of Irish Whiskey 😉

Unfortunately, these hopes ended when the house dog found Oliver under the porch.

A little heartbroken, but also relieved to finally know what happened to our friend, my roommate Wendy and I talked about what was best, considering the homeowners were away traveling. Finally, we buried Oliver in a peaceful spot in the flower garden of the same front yard where he’d spent his long and lovely life hunting birds and relaxing in the grass.

We buried him near the gorgeous black bamboo in a shady spot he had frequented.
We buried him near the gorgeous black bamboo in a shady spot he had frequented.

We sipped a beer, said a few words that somehow felt silly and overly sentimental, but also like not nearly, not even close, to enough. Finally, we said goodbye.

I’ll sure miss you, Oliver.