Thrifting Treasures

I can easily lose hours in a thrift store.  I prefer to attend garage sales and estate sales, but since those are only available on weekends, thrifting at local used stores is a good replacement.

On this trip I was on a mission to find a new (used) french press and a basket for cat toys.  There are usually multiple french presses, but I wasn’t that lucky this day.  Although I did find a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I needed that of course I purchased!

I tend to lean towards the bizarre things in life.  That definitely includes my taste in decorating and clothing.  I have always liked items that hold a story or look out of the ordinary.  Although I also really like quality items, which can be found for affordable prices while thrifting.


You never know what unique art pieces you’ll find!


Pretty excited to find this brand new leather adidas jacket for $8!


I use to be a vintage camera collector, as I have a love for photography and think they are beautiful to put on display.  Unfortunately my large collection which I had been acquiring since I was 14, was completely ruined.  An ex from Texas (sounds like country song right?!) decided when we broke up to take a hammer to each lense, making the cameras completely unusable.  This was a beaut but I resisted the temptation.


I love bizarre pieces like this.  I use to buy anything I found cute or that I was drawn to.  After moving so many times and realizing I hate clutter I now refrain from buying nik-naks… but I really liked this little handcrafted mini cabin.


These were huge wooden cutouts.  I tried to justify buying them, as they were only $4.99 and I would have loved to randomly put them in someones yard.  Alas I resisted in hope that some teenage boy would acquire awesome decorations 😉 !


I am a sucker for this color of kitchenware. 99 cents each.


The overall haul of this trip…

  • Brand new Nike Yoga pants $6.99
  • Lulu Lemon Yoga pants $4.99
  • White shelf to refinish $7.99
  • Globe (collecting to make light fixture) $4.99
  • BRAND NEW Frye Boots $19.99
  • Basket for cat toys $1.99
  • H&M peacock bohemian dress $3.99
  • Two shelves for wall $4.99
  • Squirrel Shaped cat bowl .99 cents
  • Brand New Michael Kors wooden heels
  • New Black Heels $5.99

Before I check out I always go through what I have thrown into my cart and reanalyze my life and realize I have been on a day dreaming shopping high and usually put back half of the stuff, but I always seem to leave with a lot.

I really love everything behind the idea of thrift stores.  The idea of reusing someone else’s discarded item is something I really can support.  I also donate on a regular basis to the local goodwill.

So even if you think thrift stores are smelly and you’d rather just pay full price at a mall store, consider swinging by your local second hand store, you never know what you may find!


Garage Sale Brawl!

Another day of early morning coffee and exploring the streets for treasure signs, this day was a bit more interesting than most!  It was a pretty standard day of browsing through strangers discarded items that was interrupted with two women literally in a fight over some gardening items!  No joke. Like a brawl. Like toddlers not getting to have dessert before dinner behavior!

Treasure this way!
Treasure this way!

I was not too impressed with the prices at an Estate Sale, as it was one done by a company thus they know the value of collectible and desirable items which is reflected in their prices.  Instead of finding items for under $5 you’re more likely to see antique shop prices.  Although at the moment I was about to leave a rude woman with her hands full, blocked the door out and I waited awkwardly behind her because she had already ignored my “excuse me “, with a irritated quick glance.  As she bent down to pick up a planter another whipped around and confirmed that the planter was hers and to put it down… then it was armageddon!!!  They argued for over ten minutes like seagulls over the last cracker. Even though I was about to leave, obviously I stayed put and acted like I wasn’t eavs dropping.  I started to take a video, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough space ( this ALWAYS happens to me at the worst time) and I only caught a pinch, but it give you an idea of their bickering.

After that the rest of the day seemed pretty dull.

Here are some neat items I saw but didn’t end up purchasing


This Garage Sale was one of my neighbors, they were very nice!


These were hard to pass up, but the last thing in the world that I need is nik-niks…


I really loved this door, and I am sure there is some sort of a story to it.  Living in the PNW you get to see a lot of beautiful native work, I’m personally a big fan, especially in these colors.




There was Elephant stuff all over the house, I always find it so interesting to get an idea of who a person is thru their past belongings.



This was hard to pass up ;)!

At the end I only spent a couple dollars on some old Playboys and a Beavis magnet for a friend who I call Beavis… that was a pretty epic score at 10 cents !


These were marked pretty expensive but I didn’t mind paying, when I went to pay the guy said he would only charge me $5.  Was he a bit creepy…yes, did I decline… no way jose, a deal is a deal.


Kiyomi with her Beavis figurine.  We have a weird dynamic Kiyomi and I.  We had bartended together and formed a silly friendship.  We call each other Beavis and Butthead.  Cute, right 😉 ?

Thanks for peeking in, hope you enjoyed