Cooking for Therapy

Cooking.  I love cooking.

I love distractions when I am facing personal struggles in life.  Even more so I love taking a negative thought and turning it into something different, something worth using my energy towards.


By no means am I a chef, nor do I consider myself an outstanding cook, but I love taking random ingredients and creating something delicious.  I get a lot of pleasure from making a meal and having someone enjoy it with me.

My heart flutters when I cook for someone and I get to watch their eyes get bigger and say those magic words, “wow, this is sooooo good!”

Here are some pictures I have taken lately while dorking around in the kitchen to take my mind off of current stress.

IMG_7568 IMG_7567

I was pretty proud of this breakfast I put together with random leftovers.  I had roasted butternut squash a couple nights previous and had what seemed to be 1/4 of six vegetables in the fridge.  I also had some extra chorizo from a scramble, and tortillas from steak fajita night.  With their powers combined… wah-lah, I mad what my boyfriend said was something you’d pay $17 for at a hipster restaurant downtown.


Unfortunately my mom is dealing with cancer, her food cravings are constantly up and down, if she has any appetite at all.  I had a itch to bake and thought I’d try making a recipe of her’s that we all loved, and hopefully she would enjoy.  These were a success but unfortunately she didn’t have a sweet tooth.  My little brother and I devoured most of them and delivered some to my grandpa as well.


My mother had been craving corn, so I tried some new recipes to accompany it.  I also made some frozen margaritas from scratch, my mother loves virgin margaritas (of course MINE had tequila 😉 )  Turns out with even six years of bartending experience, but not much experience with a blender, I’m a horrendous frozen margarita maker.

IMG_8358 IMG_8354

I usually skip breakfast, but I love cooking in the morning for others while enjoying my coffee.  I again had a random assortment of ingredients and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I sauted all the veggies with a little bit of sausage meat, laid it over some arugula aside some eggs and it was pretty good.  The watermelon was a pleasant surprise from my roommate who had just offered some after she had finished a watermelon salad.


Ew, what is this gunky goop?!  Cannabis.  I tried to make weed brownies the other day for a friend.  VERY time consuming and will make the entire house smell like Bonnaroo.  Very interesting process though and I accomplished the task… next time I would use less well ya know, “green stuff”.  It’s still wild to me that it is legal to buy marijuana in WA state.

To wrap this up some things I must mention…

I love grilled onions, on everything.

I could eat avocado with salt straight with a spoon, everyday.

Toast with raspberry jam is almost better than se…

I need coffee, everyday.



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